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    Glynis Coetzee

    The art of Richard Scott

    The most common question asked in the art world is probably ‘What is art?’ There are likely as many definitions of this as there are people in the world. Some would have us believe the artistic value of an artwork is related only to the antiquity of the piece, or to the time taken to produce it, or even that it is about the monetary value of the piece the older, the longer it took or the higher the price, the more ‘legitimate’ and ‘authentic’ the art.

    Well, I disagree. The whole point of art, the fundamental definition, is that it has no definition. Like our universe, by its very nature art is infinite and has no boundaries. It is, and can only be, entirely relative and subjective to the viewer. If whatever you are looking at has been exposed to you by its creator as a piece of art, then it is one. And if you enjoy it for what it is, you will want to own it. That is art. And for me, and many, many other people, that is the art of Richard Scott.

    Richard has found a way of communicating his subjective view of the world in an honest and unique way, so as to make it completely accessible to almost everyone. With the simple lines, the texture of the paint on the canvas and the mood of the image secured in its simplicity, Richard teases the viewer with suggestions of a wonderful life.

    It is the notion of warm, sunny days, the beach, the beauty of beautiful girls, animals, trees and uncluttered landscapes that cheers the observer. This is the untroubled, carefree life of a child. This is the idea that we love, and the idea that we wish to own.

    This is art.

    Taken from Richards Book 2005

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