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    Riaan Vosloo

    "I do not paint to eat, so my arrogant approach was not welcomed by most"

    What did Richard Scott do for me? He gave me three copies of his book “Richard Scott”.

    I saw Richard's work the first time at the Fisherman’s, Hermanus, during the Whale festival in about 2002. His work was all over the place. One couldn’t help but to noticed it. The way he used the black line. He agreed to take part in an exibition I curated for Cultivara 2007, “Die Voël met die af Vlerk”. Other artists where: Theo Kleynhans, Nigel Mullins, Piet Grobler, Norman O’ Flynn, Hennie Meyer and Chris Diedericks. I put “fine arty” artists together with commercial artists. ”I want people to enjoy my art on their walls, not spend hours trying to figure out the issue, meaning or hidden message.” said Richard.

    I knew Richard was different, even before we met in person He was one of very few artists who had absolutely no problem with the percentage commission the Cultivaria Festival Committee took per artwork sold.

    Only after the exhibition did I meet Richard Scott in person: a businessman.

    The personality’s line were black, thick, bold and in your face. The personality’s colour was stripped of any shame, guilt or excuses. I met an incredibly honest, arrogant, hardcore, cheeky almost crude piece of work.

    “Most artists do not play the art game, the business game. Artists think that hanging their work in all the galleries in town is the answer. It is not what you know, but whom you know. In today’s art world, if you want to get to the top, you have to be passionate, selective, informed and a narcissist. It is a business call”. Richard goes on.

    I have been exhibiting since the age of 16, with South African masters like Judith Mason and Erik Loubser. I exhibited internationally by the age of 19. I did the gallery committee scene. I met Richard in 2007. I read his book and took his advice to heart, trying not to be too sensitive. In the beginning of 2008 the Everard Read Gallery took me on as an artist and sold my whole body of work within a week.

    That's what Richard Scott did for me.


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