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    Vincent van Zon

    Prince of Neo Pop

    In Gansbaai, Cape Town, for the first time, being one with nature, bright colours and peaceful whales jumping and screaming to the world. Great White sharks, who have been here for millions of years, swim in the deep, cold waters. Colours everywhere you look. Just two hours later, early Friday evening, the puzzle of life fits together. Going back to the city sounds, booking into a designer hotel, and you know you can always escape back to inspiring people in an inspiring environment.

    As a collector of American Pop Art, I am always interested in passing galleries, hoping to be inspired.

    One gallery, different types of art from African to international. But one painting got my attention. It gave me the feeling that everywhere in the world, young artists are creating, building further and more, but there are only a few that directly make you feel ‘WOW’!

    Richard’s paintings portray straight colours with clear and steady figures. Where could I place him, if I wanted to? Romero Britto (born Brazilian, working in Miami Beach), Valerio Adami (Italian, 1935–), and of course the straight lines of Keith Haring (American, 1958–1990). Four months later, I am now the proud owner of some beautiful Richard Scotts.

    Richard’s support helped raise €4 500.00 towards the KidsRights program for children with AIDS. In the near future, when I come to South Africa to join hands with Archbishop Tutu in support of this project, we will gather and see the development of his work.

    The entire world will one day hear of this Prince of Neo Pop Art.

    Taken from Richards Book 2005

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