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    Vincent van Zon

    In 2004 I came for the first time in my life along the works of Richard Scott. Simplicity, straight lines, power, colourful strong and sexy. These were the keywords that typhoon-ed through my head while I was watching the works, and listening to the gallery owner here in Cape Town.

    I was blown away.

    In thirty minutes I bought 6 paintings for my own collection. In an essay I wrote in 2006 I used the sentence ….. ”The entire world will one day hear of this Prince of Neo Pop Art”.

    That was almost ten years ago and the only correction I have to make is that this KING of Pop will conquer the world. Because that is what is happening.

    With solo shows at the Art Basel in Miami USA, Frankfurt Germany, Rotterdam the Netherlands and shows coming up in London UK, Paris France, and New York USA in 2014 a lot of worldwide art lovers are already convinced by the power of the Images.

    It was Mr. Andy Reid who saw this strength already two years ago. Andy wanted to make the mix of the Vespa feeling and the happiness of the paintings. We have been working on the project this year 2013 to complete a series of beautiful Joyride paintings.

    I am very happy that now in December, just for South African Summertime, these paintings are exposed at the place where they should be before they hopefully go to private or public places from Vespa lovers!

    Enjoy your ride!

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