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    Brigitte Williers

    When I was asked to work on the Richard Scott Joyride campaign featuring Vespa and Marlies Dekkers lingerie I was thrilled and honoured to be considered to be part of something so special!

    The brands involved with this campaign form a combination of well balanced, colorful, bold and pretty visuals with the aim of being captured by the hand of one of the most talented artists that I have come across.

    On the one side you have a classical brand such as Vespa with its stylish retro feel (that has been an Italian icon for years) and on the other hand you have the very sexy lingerie. When you combine this with art and the visuals, as you can imagine, it is just an exquisite feast for the eyes. Being part of this campaign, is a once in a lifetime experience and it was a great opportunity for me to work with Richard and his lovely team. And letís face it, it is also not every day that you get to model for a world famous artist such as Richard Scott and the idea of being an important feature, set in a body of work is also not a horrible thought :).

    The campaign I believe will be a super special one, one that will have longevity and can take any empty space and fill it with colour, fun, happiness and atmosphere in an instant.

    Throughout my career as a model and in the entertainment industry, I have had many opportunities to work with great people, brands, concepts and ideas. Every job that you take forms a part of you and where you are going with your own personal brand.

    I really felt that all the brands, Vespa, Richard and Marlies Dekkers in one way or another represnt where I am going with my own personal brand in one way or the other.

    I have learned also that as you get older (or wiser) you say yes more to valuable experiences that matter and have meaning, and that add value to your life, ones you will remember, and this experience for me, would definitely be one of those that stand out.

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