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    Joshua Rossouw

    Too much to comprehend

    Meeting Richard was a fabulous experience. I saw his work for the first time at a friendís house. As a gallerist, I wanted his work. Get hold of him, were my orders, to no avail. Then one day I was told we were on for lunch with Richard. We went to one of my favourite bistros in Hermanus and had a very memorable lunch. I think I paid.

    Here was a guy with drive, ambition and enthusiasm. As far as the work he was presenting was concerned, it was going to fill a HUGE gap in a very demanding market. From this first meeting, Richard laid down a clear strategy, and was definitely going to make it happen. He knew what he wanted. I was in.

    Two years later, Richard is exactly where he wanted to be, achieving what he set out to do at that bistro. His visions had me in awe and most of us have never even imagined such achievements. For some of you, too much to comprehend. Thatís OK, for there are enough people understanding where itís going. Finally!

    Drive is one of the main ingredients of achievement, and here Richard overflows with abundance. Everywhere he goes, this ordinary guy is making a huge difference. Each painting takes so many of us where we want to be. That is a huge responsibility that is bestowed on a selected few.

    The past two years have seen Richardís work develop a definite acquaintance with whichever media he indulges in. Romantic, naughty, nice? His work makes history and youíre part of it already.

    Taken from Richards Book 2005

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