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    Gavin Rain

    What's Richard Scott ever done for me?

    Most artists that you'll meet are introspective - more so than most. A part of art (and I know this because it's a part of me) is to look inside yourself and to find your inspiration deep down. Richard Scott is introspective (he's an artist after all) but he's also extraspective. Richard looks out at the world and at life in general. Everyone does this, sure. Everyone observes. But Richard connects.

    I've known Richard for years. Seems forever. One of Richard's gifts is to switch people on. You cannot be around Richard Scott and not be inspired. Even if you're not an artist, you soon will be. I'm ten years ahead of where I should be in my painting career, and I'm only five years into it. That's thanks to Richard. Richard's not ahead of the curve, he's off the chart...

    Is force a strong word? Richard forced me to become an artist. He forced me to look past my own inhibitions and misgivings and to go after the thing that I really wanted more than anything. After many late nights discussing art, I made the rather brash suggestion that Richard should paint something for me. Amazingly he took this in his stride and hit me with a bombshell: "I'll paint something for you if you do the same". I was trapped. I had to start down the path. Richard was already famous by then, already selling more work than he could keep up with. He didn't need to do that. But he wanted to. Richard amazes me in that way - he wants to help everyone he meets. He often goes out of his way to make sure that he does.

    It didn't end there. My first show was with Richard. That's a big chance he took on a then unproved artist. It's not true that everyone wants something from you. Unless that something is success. I can't even count the number of times Richard pulled strings to get me in on some or other project. "Hey man, have you seen this? I can get you involved". That's Richard. His enthusiasm for people and for life just flows out of him and quite obviously (at least to the thousands of people that have bought his work) ends up in his work.

    Quite naturally, my first painting (after about a 15 year break) is of Richard. You're not supposed to sell your first work - it's supposed to be one of the most valuable. But what's more valuable to me is the fact that it's hanging on Richard Scott's wall. I'd have it no other way. So.... what's Richard Scott ever done for me? Everything. As an artist, he's done everything. As a friend he's shown me just how madly fun life can be. As an artist he's shown me that there are absolutely no limits. Not one. Think of one, and with 30 seconds' worth of conversation Richard will show you at least 3 different ways around and over it.

    That's what Richard Scott has done for me.


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