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    Cat Puzzel

    What is art? The question seems innocent and simple, but the word ART has come to be used indiscriminately for so many forms of human activity, from the greatest inventions to competence in golf or hairdressing. So no single formula can really cover such a wide range of ideas. Even if the definition of art is restricted to an arena that includes architecture, music, drama, literature, painting, sculpture and crafts, we donít seem to get a better picture of what itís all about. An artwork is not thought out and settled beforehand. While it is being done it changes as oneís thoughts change. And when it is finished, it still goes on changing, according to the state of mind of whoever looks at it. Picasso taught us that reason and imagination, when in full gallop, know no limits. So it is with techno-artist, Richard Scott.

    To let the cat out of the bag, Richardís Kid Cat Puzzles are an artistic enigma! They are a toy designed to test our knowledge, ingenuity and patience. They are gloriously funky artwork, which stops us in our tracks at the novelty of the creativity. From the savvy art collector to the kid who loves the simplicity of the bright colours and imagery, the impudent bright cat puzzles call for tactile involvement and delight on different levels. The cats, though almost identical, are not interchangeable. No two puzzles are alike. Every one has nine lives.

    Richardís early career as a technical illustrator has stood him in good stead to become the totally unconventional artistic technologist that he is today. The limited edition of 250 Cheeky Cat Puzzles has virtually sold out in one year, to collectors in South Africa and elsewhere. Consider yourself lucky if you have one of these gems in your collection. I have one in mine!

    Taken from Richards Book 2005

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